Two assailants who attacked meditation monk sentenced to 10 years in prison

Buthidaung: Two assailants, who recently attacked a monk in meditation, were sentenced on Friday to ten years imprisonment by a township court of Buthidaung, 80 miles north of Arakan state’s capital Sitttwe.

“They were found guilty in the case, so the judge sentenced them to 10 years in prison,” said a police officer from Buthidaung.

However he denied informing of the cases charged by police, saying that as he was out of the police station he could not remember the lawsuit numbers suddenly.

Two Muslim men – Mamad Inu and Zubai of Let way Dack Pu Zun Chaung village in Buthidaung township- were arrested by police on suspicion of an attack on a monk in meditation in Buthidaung of northern Arakan state.

The incident took place at the Dhama Madai monastery near Buthidaung’s prison on the 28 March 2013.

Afterward, police arrested the two men and charged them with provocation cases.

The authorities in Arakan state vow to crack down on those people who are in instigating violence in Arakan state. The two men are firstly facing long term imprisonment in Arakan state after last year’s sectarian violence took place in two times-June and October.

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