Thousands join in state religious day

( Narinjara News, 13 August 2014)

Thousands join in state religious day

Over 50,000 Buddhist people  participated in the state religious day events on Sunday which were held in Thandwe, a southern district town of the State.

It was organized to mark the 53 th anniversary of the religious day in Burma which was conceptualized and materialized by U Nu, a former Burma prime minister, informed a prominent monk named Pale Saradaw.

530 monks from several monasteries of Thandwe Township attended the ceremony where the monks recited Sutta to ward off evils.

Thousands join in state religious dayLater the participating monks joined in a procession on the streets and accepted various offering goods like rice, candle and soaps from the Buddhist people. The event came to a peaceful end in the evening.

It was the second successive time that the Thandwe residents celebrated the religious day successfully.

“Though it is a religious day our nation, many people of Burma have forgotten about it. Our aim was to make people understand the importance of the day across the country,” added Pale Saradaw.