Suspicious corpse buried without autopsy

Tun Tun

Rathedaung: The authorities of the Burmese border security force Nasaka have ordered a dead body buried soon after it was found floating in a creek in Rathedaung Township in Arakan State without allowing for an autopsy, reported the local villagers.

The dead body is said to be of U Oo Thar Maung (58) from Navyseik Village in Rathedaung Township and was found washed up under the jetty in the creek in nearby Naungpinhla Village around 7 am on 27th of July after he went missing for two nights.

“The Nasaka authorities should send his body to the hospital for medical examinations, so the people can learn why he is dead—because of drowning himself or other reasons. But they have ordered the villagers to bury his body immediately”, said a villager of the Navyseik Village.

He said that U Oo Thar Maung went missing after he left his house around 4 pm on 25th of July to bring back his buffalos that were in the grazing fields on the other bank of Sinowekya Creek near his village and that some villagers also witnessed him crossing the creek, but no one saw him coming back to the village on that evening.

“U Oo Thar Maung used to come back home after bringing back his cattle from the other side of the creek around 6 or 7 pm every day. As he was still very late to come back home, his family informed the villagers after 9 pm on that day. We, the villagers, helped them search for him just around the village on that night because of worrisome the situation in our area and continued our search on next day, but we could not find him. On Friday’s morning, his dead body was found in the water under the jetty in Nyaungpinhla Village”, he said.

He said that most of villagers are now suspicious whether he was drowned in the creek or was killed and thrown into the creek by some rioters from nearby Muslim villages.

“There are some Muslim villages known as Baylarmi, Thantue and Praingtaung situated around our village. Most of our villagers doubt the Muslim rioters from those villages killed him and threw him into the creek. But we cannot tell exactly how he died and it is not good to accuse them for his death. It is also possible that he was drowned when he crossed the creek. Due to lack of authorities’ postmortem on his dead body, the doubts are growing among our villagers against the Muslims concerning his death”, said the villager.

He added that the villagers are now unsatisfied with the Nasaka authorities for immediately burying the dead body of U Oo Thar Maung who did not die in normal conditions without filing a case of death and having postmortem for the cause of his death.