Students Protest in Kyaukphyu Education College

Kyauk Pru: Students of the Education College in Kyaukphyu in Arakan State staged a protest in their campus on Wednesday’s evening.

Kyauk-pruStudents Protest in Kyaukphyu Education College

One of the students said they staged the protest because they have been suffering from insufficient supply of foods in their college.

“It has been already three days about 60 students have to skip their meals because of the shortage of rice at the mealtime in our college. So, we gathered around 7 pm yesterday inside the campus and staged protest”, said the student.

He said that there are nearly 500 students studying in the Kyaukphyu Education College and that only the male students participated in the protest.

When contacted to the college, a female teacher also confirmed the students’ protest. She however declined to tell the details about the protest saying that she had no authority to speak to the media.

It is learnt that the teachers of the college had held a meeting just after the protest in order to discuss how to respond the crisis facing their students in the college.