Some government buildings set fire in Maungdaw

A group of Muslim living on the outskirts of Maungdaw, a western Burma border town, set fire to some government buildings after a Muslim man was shot dead by the Burmese army, said local residents.


Maungdaw city watch tower

Maungdaw city watch tower

A resident said that a group of Muslims set fire to some buildings including a warehouse owned by GE ( Government Engineer) located near the three mile Gulf ground in Maungdaw at 9 PM on Monday.

It seemed to be a retaliation of some Muslims against the Burmese army that killed a Muslim man early in the morning of the day.

According to local sources, the Burmese army shot dead a Muslim man from BaGon Na village in south of Maungdaw township when the army tried to break up a mob of Muslims who were trying to attack a forester.

A forester Maung Maung Htay quarreled with a group of Muslim villagers while they were carrying thatches from a forest near Bodi Gon Rakhine village. After the quarrel, the Muslim villagers fled to their village to gather more people to attack the forester.

Forster Maung Muang Htay informed this incident to the Burmese army to protect him from the attack. When the army came to the spot and saw the mob, it tried to stop but the mob did not follow army orders, then the army fired many gunshots in the air. During this, a bullet hit a Muslim man.

He was sent to hospital in Maungdaw but later he died with his injuries.

After the incident, a group of angry Muslims gathered near three mile gulf club at night and set fire to some government buildings.

Authorities beefed up security throughout Maungdaw Township after the incident.