Six Arakanese face attacks in Kuala Lumpur

( Kuala Lunpur, 10 June 2013): A group of miscreants attacked 6 Arakanese, who have been working in an umbrella factory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Saturday, said a close friend of the victims. Two Arakanese were severely wounded in the attack, who were shifted to the hospital, and the rest could escape with minor injuries.


One victim named Ko Khin Maung Win, who hails from Rathidaung township-20 miles north of Sittwe, Arakan-remains unconscious in the hospital bed, who received injuries on his head, nose and also arms.

The incident took place in the early morning at their rented wooden house, where the six Arakanese stays. A group of suspected Muslim goons approached their house at around 3 am and sprayed a kind of gas inside the house through the holes. The inmates, who were sleeping then, soon found difficulties in breathing and also felt itching in their eyes.

When the Arakanese opened the door to come out, a group of six masked people entered their house and targeted them with swords, informed the source.

In another incident in Malaysia that took place few days back, a migrant Burmese were chopped to death by the miscreants. The Malaysian police found the dead body of the Burmese migrant near a rubbish pile of Kalong Utama town. The body showed the mark of cutting on the throat. The polce is yet to arrest the culprits.

Nearly 10 Burmese were reportedly killed in Malaysia in the recent time by the suspected Muslim goons. The political observers suspect that it was the retaliatory actions by the local Muslim community on migrant Burmese there to take revenges against the ongoing attacks on Muslims inside Burma.