Six Arakanese detained in Thandwe

( Thandwe, 3 October 2013):  Day after the latest sectarian clashes broke out in Arakan State between the Buddhists and Muslim residents killing at least 5 people, the police have detained six Arakanese Buddhists last night from their residences in Thandwe town.

According to the local source, a police team rounded up them from their localities in-between 10 to 11 pm yesterday.

Maung Pru, the Thandwe township RNDP secretary, had confirmed the arrest over phone. He also added that the RNDP Thandwe township president U Maung Pu (alias U Saw Hlaing) had also been detained by the police.

Other detained leaders include  U Thein Win, U Thein Zan, Ko Myint Moe Aung, Ko Win Ko Lay and Ko Kyaw Kyaw. All the detainees are from Thandwe locality.

U Khaing Pray Soe, the secretary board member of RNDP central committee informed that he was also arrested by the police yesterday night with the suspicion of his involvement with the violence in Thandwe, but authority has not yet declared about his detention.

He also telephoned to district chairman of Thandwe and in charge of Thandwe police station to enquire about the arrest, but the authority had not replied in details about it.

On Wednesday, the sectarian violence hit  Shwe Lay (Thapyu Chai) of Thandwe township, where five people got killed and 70 houses were set on fire. In another incident, four people were injured where as one person is reportedly missing.

The local residents informed that the authority has beefed- up the security arrangement across Thandwe township with engaging additional forces. Meanwhile  the authority is also looking for the agitators to book them such that the  tension can be reduced in the locality.