Shops burgled amid curfew in Kyauktaw

Kyauk Taw: Shops have been broken into and items stolen during the curfew that has been imposed under the section 144 in Kyauktaw in Arakan State.

Kyauk Taw’s jetty.

A number of shops at Shwe Pyi Thit bus station in Kyauktaw were burgled between Friday night and Saturday morning.

“Daw Moe Shwe’s shop was broken into and food-stuffs worth about 5 lakhs kyat were stolen from her shop”, said Ko Maung Chay, a local resident.

He said some phone sets were stolen from another shop at the bus station on the same night as well.

“No one sleeps at their shops because of the security situation since the violence took place. They close their shops in the evening and open in the morning. Their shops were burgled because there was no guard in their shops. It is difficult to say who has committed those burglaries as they were not caught, but the people suspect some miscreants”, he said.

The curfew in Kyauktaw is said to have been eased, but it still restricts people going outside from 10 pm to 5 am in the area.

“There are no soldiers deployed near the Shwe Pyi Thit bus station, but they are deployed near the Gissapa Nadi Bridge. The place of incident is a bit far from the bridge”, he said.

It is learnt that theft of cattle and stealing of paddy harvests from the fields have been occurring in rural villages in Kyauktaw Township as well.