Security sector becomes priority for stability and development – Rakhine State gov’t says

Narinjara News, October 18, 2018

By San Maung Than

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The Rakhine State Chief Minister said today that priority has been given to the security sector for stability and development of the Rakhine State.

He said this during the press conference relating to the Rakhine State government’s performance within the second year in office.

“Unlike other states and regions, significant events are taking place in the Rakhine State so we have given priority to security. Since stability has decreased and terrorism has risen in the Rakhine State, the Rakhine State issue has arrived at not only union [level] but also the international level,” said U Nyi Pu, the chief minister of the Rakhine State.

The chief minister also said regional stability is needed for regional development and vice versa.

The chief minister gave an overview on the performance of the entire Rakhine State government while other ministers including the Minister of Electricity, Industry and Transportation and the Minister of Social Affairs explained their performances.

The Rakhine State government is satisfied with its performance within the year and plans to hold similar briefings when the time is appropriate.

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