Scheduling appeal for an Arakan villager administrator

Yangon, 6 October:


The town welcoming Signboard of Min Bya

The town welcoming Signboard of Min Bya

As the Laha Gyay village administrator U Win Maung has been sentenced to three years imprisonment by the Min Bya township court, his lawyers are preparing for an appeal to Maruk U district court.

According to U Win Maung’s advocate, he was convicted by the court on 28 September in connection with his link and sympathies towards Arakan Army, an armed group fighting against Naypyidaw for equal right to every ethnic nationalities of Burma (Myanmar).

Now the village administrator from Min bya township of Arakan has to face the imprisonment with labour. But the verdict was unfair as there is no concrete evidence against U Win Maung to punish him. So an appeal will be placed in the Maruk U district court, said senior lawyer Daw Aye Nu Sein.

She also added that the imprisonment order under the section act 17 (1) was materialized with an acknowledgment signature of U Win Maung.

The Burma Army had handed over the document to the court. But she claimed that the Burma Army forced the village administrator to sign on the acknowledgement during the interrogation.

It may be mentioned that U Win Maung was arrested by a Burmese intelligent outfit on 23 April 2015. He was accused of supporting the ethnic Arakan Army along with his regular duties as the Laha Gyay village administrator.

Soon after his arrest, U Win Maung was interrogated by the Burma Army personnel for many days and later handed over to the police. Later they charge-sheeted him in connection with the links to Arakan Army rebels in the Min Bya township court.