RWU sends open letter to UN envoy

Maung Rammar

Dhaka: The Rakhine Women Union (RWU) based in Dhaka has sent an open letter to the UN special human rights envoy to Burma, Tomas Ojea Quintana, who is now visiting Arakan State in western Burma to investigate recent the violent unrest in the region.

A demonstration of RWU members in front of Chinese embassy in April 2012 where RWU demanded to stop the Shwe project in Arakan.

Daw Saw Mra Razar Lin, the Chairperson of the RWU, told Narinjara that they have urged the visiting UN envoy to stand on the truth with his mission for investigating Arakan’s unrests in their letter to him.

“We have found that some of the international human rights organizations and news media have been biased in their reports about the unrests in Arakan State. They have especially focused and favored the so called Rohingya in their reports concealing the true facts. So, we have urged Mr. Quintana to stand on the truth for his report and to make known to the world communities who have provoked those unrests and who have been suffering most from those unrests and why the Arakanese peoples are now unable to live peacefully in their homeland”, said Daw Saw Mra Razar Lin.

A truthful and unbiased report is now necessary to make known the truth about the unrests that started from 8th of June in Arakan State to the world communities. So, Mr. Quintana is urged to have such a report after completing his mission in the region, she said.

She also said her organization has urged the international organizations to scrutinize the causes behind the unrests in their letter as well.

“There are reasons why Arakanese have now become the minority people in the three townships of Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung. There are many other people besides Rohingya living side by side with the Arakanese, but why the Arakanese have to clash only with those called as Rohingya though there is no problem with other people. We have pointed out to the world’s communities and human rights organizations that those reasons need to be analyzed concerning the unrest in our region”,she said.

Daw Saw Mra Razar Lin said her organization believes that if the UN envoy will publicize accurate and unbiased reports on the unrests after his investigations, the world communities will be enlightened and propagandizing the baseless and biased reports about the unrests will also end.

“We hope that the international community know about the unrest assuredly if Mr. Quintana finds the genuine facts about why the Muslim populations have increased and why those violence attacks have occurred in Arakan State. And then we believe that it will be easy to identify the root causes behind those unrests”, she said.

UN special human rights envoy, Mr. Quintana, has already arrived in Burma for his visit from 30 July to 4 August and he has reportedly visited to Sittwe, Buthidaung and Maungdaw in Arakan State on 31st of July for investigations.

The envoy has also attended a press conference held by five ministries of Burmese government in Rangoon on 30 July and met Ko Phyo Wai Aung in Insein Prison. He will also meet Daw Aung San Suu Kyi besides government’s senior officials, politicians and the representatives of national human rights commission and other social organizations.