Rock Mountains in Kyauk Pru mined

Kyauk Pru: Many rock mountains located at the main area of the Shwe Gas project in Arakan state have been blown up by mines to produce rocks for the shwe gas project implemented by the Chinese government, said a report from residents in Kyauk Pru township.

Rock Mountains in Kyauk Pru mined

The rock mountains, locally known as Kyauk Taung, located on Ma Sarai island, 5 miles northeast of Kyauk Pru  have been mined  every day to produce rocks, said a woman from Mingan village that is located near the rock mountains.

The mountains are relied on by the people in the area  for shelter from natural disasters like storms and tidal waves.

“There are for 20 villages in the island which surround the rock mountains. We have never faced trouble from natural disasters due to the Rock Mountains even though storms struck in our area. The rock mountains protect us from natural disasters ,” the woman said.

Villagers in the area have been worrying about attacks of storms especially in the rainy season since the mountain has blown up by companies to produce rocks.

A village elder U Tin Aung, in Mingan village told Narinja over the phone that they do not want to see the mountain disappear from the sight because the rock mountain has located in the area since ancient times.

A company owned by  U than Htay is involved in the production of rock in the area but local people do not know exactly the company name  and location of the company headquarters.

The company started production of rock in the mountain in 2010 but local people do not dare to complain to the company because most of people in the area are uneducated.

“We dislike the company coming to our area to explode the rock mountain to produce rocks but we could not oppose them because we do not have knowledge and experience as to how to do it.” U Tin Aung said.

The company transports the rock to Kyauk Pru by cargo boats to sell them at Myanmar Golden Crown( MGC) which is the main  partner company of the Chinese Shwe gas project.

The entire rock mountain will be damaged soon because the mountain is being mined every day.

U Tin Aung also blames local political parties and social organizations as the organizations have absented to carry out the local people interests.