Residents suffer from electricity supply shortages in Arakan

Minbya: The consumers of electricity in Minbya in Arakan State are suffering from irregularities in supply and increases in bills reportedly due to the old diesel-generators still in use for generating and supplying power in the region.

“There are four generators supplying electricity to our town. The osene supplying Ward-03 is the worst. It is located at Barkhan in Zayhaung Ward attached to an ice factory there has been no electricity for a month because the ice-factory has been closed since its ammonia cylinder blasted”, said a female resident from Minbya.

The woman said they have also suffered from damages to their household electronics such as electric bulbs, tubes and televisions due to irregularities and frequent fluctuations in voltage during the power supply because the generator is attached to the ice-factory.

She also said that the owners of cottage industries work depends on electricity are badly hurt, facing ruins in their business due to the long absence of proper electricity supply in their town.

It is also said that it has been long the town people are living in darkness as the generators in the town have been favoring their supply of power mainly to the ice-factories neglecting the public.

Despite the long power outage, the town people are said to have to pay monthly charges with extra 2,000 Kyat for protecting their meter-boxes and other revenues regarding with connection for electricity.

According to the local residents, it has been too long they have been suffering from irregularities in electricity supply and increases in charges for electricity in Arakan State, but the government is still neglecting to take any step to solve the difficulties being faced by the people in the region regarding with the electricity.