Relief materials distributed among beneficiaries

By San Maung Than

Sittway, 17 September:


The relief materials, offered by the Central Emergency Respond Fund of the United Nations for the flood affected families of Arakan, were recently distributed among the beneficiaries.

The items, primarily roofing sheets, were given away to the villagers of Min Bya locality by the Wanla Foundation of Rural Development and IOM.

The director of Wanla Foundation U Khaing Kaung San informed Narinjara News Agency that over 100 roofing sheets for the makeshift tents were distributed. The UN has provided  500 such sets for the beneficiaries.

“We have given away 101 roofing sheets to the villagers of Min Zee Chaung and Shwe Ta Mar under Min Bya township out of 500 such items supplied by the Central Emergency Respond Fund of the United Nations,” said U Khaing Kaung San.

He also added that 13 sheets were given to the villagers belonged to Myinn Ka Sate village, 26 to Minn Zee Chaung (or Arrthay Kalay), 40 to Minn Puu (in the Min Zee Chaung village group), 4 to Shwe Ta Mar and 18 to Lat Ma under Shwe Ta Mar village group.


The roofing sheets are offered to those villagers who have lost their houses in the recent wave of flood. Most of the villagers of Rakhine faced the disaster, which drew the attention of the UN.

The Min Bya based villagers are supposed to get around  200 more roofing sheets, where as the rest of 500 items, supplied by the UN central emergency respond fund, will be distributed among  the Mrauk Oo based villagers.