Prominent Arakanese historian Dr. Aye Kyaw death anniversary observed in USA

New York: The first death anniversary of  prominent Arakanese historian Professor Dr. Aye Kyaw was observed with a ceremony of offering meal to the Buddhist monks on 19th of January in New York in USA.

Ven. Dr. Naryaka spoke to the attendants who included fans and relatives of Sayagyi Dr. Aye Kyaw in the ceremony.

“You should not forget the words left behind by Dr. Aye Kyaw and should follow and work for what he desired most in his lifetime if you really love and respect him”, said the monk.

Ko Tint Wai, an organizer of the ceremony, said they observed Sayagyi death anniversary as he is one of the unforgettable Arakanese intellectuals.

“Sayagyi Dr. Aye Kyaw is a very rare intellectual who is unforgettable for his great contributions to the history of Arakan as well as for his selfless efforts for the freedom of Arakanese people. His death is a great loss for the Arakanese”, said Ko Tint Wai.

He said they held the ceremony to observe his death anniversary with their aim that the young Arakanese generations would inherit his ideal and emulate his aspirations.

Sayagyi Dr. Aye Kyaw died on 19 January 2012 when he was undergoing medical treatments in the Maimonides Medical Center in New York. He was 77 year old when he died.