Prison term for 10 community leaders reduced

Around 500 villagers from the island staged demonstration against CNPC on 18 April 2013.

Around 500 villagers from the island staged demonstration against CNPC on 18 April 2013.

( Kyauk Pru, 26 October 2013) : Showing the sympathy to ten  community leaders from Madae island in Kyauk Pru township, who were accused of demonstrating protests against the authority, the Kyauk Pru district court have reduced the prison term from three months to two months.

Hearing the petition from  the families of the accused leaders, the district judge amended its former verdict on Thursday, said the family and official sources.

“Kyauk Pru district judge Daw San San Yee passed the verdict to reduce the prison term from three months to two months as they (10 community leaders) conducted the demonstration for the public interests on the island of Madae,” said Ko Tun Lwin, a leader from Kyauk Pru social network.

All the accused community leaders are now severing the jail term in Kyauk Pru prison since 26 September.

Mentionable is that the ten community leaders from Madae island were sentenced to three months of imprisonment by Kyauk Pru township judge, U Ne Win on 26 September last as they led a demonstration against the Chinese National Petroleum Cooperation (CNPC)  without authority’s permission.

Around 500 residents from four villages of Madae island participated in the demonstration held on 18 April 2013 against the CNPC,  which is operating in the Shwe gas project.

The demonstrators urged the Chinese company and the Burmese government to address various problems surfaced because of the gas project for the local farmers. Following the incident, the police officials of Kyauk Pru police station sued the ten community leaders for their role in the demonstration against the CNPC.

“We argue that they (10 community leaders) should be freed if the judge believes they were working for the public interest. The order of two months of imprisonment should also be abolished and they should be released immediately,” asserted Ko Tun Lwin.


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