Politicians, Student Leaders and Ex-PM Threatened With Death Sentences in Anonymous Letter

Dhaka: Some prominent citizens in Burma, including politicians, former student leaders and an ex-PM have been threatened with charges and possible death sentences at the International Criminal Court of the Hague in the Netherlands, said a journal ‘Messenger’ – quoting U Thein Nyunt, a lawmaker in the Lower House of Burma.

Politicians, Student Leaders and Ex-PM Threatened With Death Sentences in Anonymous Letter

The journal published the news on 11 October, reporting that the lawmaker U Thein Nyint received an anonymous letter by mail through his office address. He and other prominent fellows were also threatened with such a punishment in the letter. The letter came to him through the Yangon office address of the National Democracy Party, for which U Thein Nyunt is President.

The prominent people who are threatened in the letter are: lawmaker U Thein Nynt, RNDP president Dr Aye Maung, Arakan State Chief U Hla Maung Tin, 88 Generation student leader Ko Ko Gyi and ex-Prime Minister U Khin Nyunt.

The journal quoted U Thein Nyunt as saying that he was accused in the letter of taking 60 million kyats from the Arakanese community in return for speaking in favor of Arakanese Buddhists during parliamentary discussion.

U Thein Nyunt is not willing to submit the matter of the threat to parliament but he has informed township level organizations in Yangon, the journal said.

The journal said that Dr Aye Maung told its reporter that he is not afraid of such threats and that they are a criminal act. The journal quoted Dr Aye Maung as saying that it is the duty of the authorities to find those responsible and take appropriate action.

All the people mentioned in the letter reportedly do not recognize the Rohingya as an ethnic nationality in Burma. Because of this, some analysts have suggested that they have been threatened by some opponents over the issue.