Police officer uses salaries of his juniors for his wife

Maung Aye

Maungdaw: Policemen from Laung Tone Police Station in Maungdaw Township in Arakan State said they have still not received their salaries for November as their station commander has allegedly used their salaries to buy jewelry and clothes for his wife.


“Our station in-charge was accompanied by his wife when he left for Maungdaw to withdraw our salaries. There he spent our salaries buying jewelry and clothes for his wife. So, he is still unable to pay our salaries. When we ask for our salaries, he says he will pay today or tomorrow, but we are still not paid. We don’t like to disclose this, but we have to because we have great difficulties”, said one of the police.

Twelve police personnel with a commander are said to be deployed in the outpost stationed in Laung Tone under Kreinchaung in southern Maungdaw Township on the Bangladeshi border.

The police said they are facing difficulties to meet their families’ living costs as their commander has used their salaries for self-interest.

“We are now suffering from great difficulties for our families. Our families are depending on our salaries of 85,000 kyat per month. But we don’t dare to report this to higher authorities”, said the police.

The commanders of the armed forces deployed in the remote areas along the border in Maungdaw Township are said to be assigned to withdraw the salaries for their respective station from the main town Maungdaw.