Overcrowded schools of Arakan with shortage of space and funds

(Narinjara News, 9 July 2014)

Students from a post primary school of Sat Yo Kya. ( Photo- Narinjara)

Students from a post primary school of Sat Yo Kya. ( Photo- Narinjara)

This is a story of many schools in Arakan, which are overcrowded with students, but the authority always puts deaf ears  to their grievances.

A post primary school of 80 feet by 30 feet in Sat Yo Kya ward, which is at the outskirt of Arakan capital city of Sittwe, today supports the education of over 500 students.

“We have 532 students but they have to study in a small school which has an area of 80x 30 square feet only,” said a teacher of the post primary school.

She  also claimed that the space in the school should accommodate only 100 students, but it is now overcrowded. Moreover, the school does not have any tables or chairs for the students.

“All students have to sit on the ground during the classes. All these show that the condition of our school is very pathetic,” asserted the teacher.


Now the teachers have divided the students into two batches, where the first batch goes for classes from 7 am to 11 am and the second group starts their reading from 12 noon to 5 pm.

Nearly 100 students, each from class I and II, were shifted to a modular building, which was constructed with the assistance from the Chinese government, originally meant for refugees.

“We met the director general of Arakan education department last week and submitted a memorandum highlighting the shortage of space in the school. We urged him to allow us to construct a new school building for the  extra students but he has not responded positively,” said a ward leader U Mya Tun.

Arakan is recognized as a poor State in Burma after Chin and it has many students, who continue pursuing their education without some basic minimum facilities like school buildings, toilets, stationeries, tables & chairs etc.


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