No Action Against Foreign Shwe Gas Employee Twice Accused of Rape

Kyauk Pru: Burmese police have as yet reportedly not dared to take action against a foreign employee after he twice attempted to rape a local female day-laborer in their workplace in Goneshin Village in Arakan State’s Kyaukpru Township.

The foreign employee was identified as Ali Kumar from the Indian Punj Lloyd Company. He is said to have made repeated attempts to rape a 17-year old female from Sepokkae Village under Goneshin Village Tract in Kyaukpru, who is also working as a day-laborer for the company.

“The attempted rape happened at 8 am on the 25th of September in the workplace of the Indian Punj Lloyd company. He could not rape her because an officer and other workers saw his attempt. As local people complained of the attempted rape to the police he was taken to the police station. The
police arrested him. Later, he was taken from the station by the officials of the MOGE”, said a local social activist youth.

MOGE is the Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise, Burma’s state-owned company, which is helping implement the Shwe Gas Project with other international companies.

Ali Kumar is also said to have attempted to rape the young woman again around 3 pm on the same day after he came back to the workplace from the police station.

“Local people from Goneshin Village and urban Kyaukpru went to Kyaukpru Police Station and filed a case against him for his repeated attempts to rape the young woman. The police seemed to have received some money, so they have not taken any action against him yet. The people are now very angry with the police”, said the youth.

A local resident close to the court also said the case is still being kept in the police station and not submitted to the court yet.

“I think that the police have not submitted the case to court because it is concerning a foreigner. So as far as I know the case has not come to the court yet. Dissatisfaction are growing amongst the people over this police negligence”, said the resident.

When contacting Kyauk pru Police Station, the police officer on duty told Narinjara that they had no knowledge of the case. Similar cases have happened in Goneshin Village before, but the accused were acquitted by giving money from the company.

According to local people, they are especially dissatisfied with the foreign companies because they have been suffering all kinds of abuse without getting any benefits promised since the companies arrived in the area.