NLD opens Arakan State regional office in Sittwe

The National League for Democracy (NLD) opened its regional office of Arakan state in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan, on Sunday to carry out party affairs effectively, said party leaders from Arakan state.

NLD-office-in-Sittwe“   There isn’t any candidates in Arakan state for the NLD in the upcoming by election on the 1st of April but we opened the regional office for Arakan state in Sittwe on Sunday to carry out our activities effectively in future,” U Nyi Pu, chairman of NLD’s Arakan state.

U Nyi Pu who was the elected representative of NLD from Gwa Township in the 1990 election as well as a former political prisoner inaugurated the office in Sittwe at 8 AM on the day. During the office opening ceremony, U Nyi Pu also delivered a speech to the attendees.

Many NLD senior leaders including some representatives who won in Arakan state in the 1990 election,  from 17 Townships  of  Arakan state joined the opening ceremony of the regional office of Arakan state. According to sources, over 200 party members attended the opening ceremony in Sittwe.

“ We opened many township offices in our state before the regional office in Sittwe. Even though we opened many offices in our state, we don’t have many plans currently for our party except organizing people and increasing party members,” said U Nyi Pu.

NLD won 9 seats in Arakan state in the 1990 election which was denied recognition by Burma’s military government at the time, the State Law and Order Restoration Council.

There are many political parties in Arakan state at present including the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party(RNDP) , the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) and the National Unity Party and some ethnic nationalities parties in Arakan.

The parties of RNDP and USDP in Arakan state are the rival parties of NLD in Arakan state for next election which is scheduled to be held in 2015.