Nine men along with one dead from starvation found on boat near beach in Gwa Township

Marn Yu Kyaw (Shwe Wa Myay)

Sittwe, 15 February


Nine Bengali speaking men and one man who died from starvation have been found on a boat near the beach of Sap Twar Village in Gwa Township, Arakan State at 3 PM today, according to Sap Twar Village Police and the village administrator.

After a suspicious boat came in to dock at the beach of Sap Twar Village, the police, the immigration department, and local residents went to investigate and found nine Bengali men and one dead body on the boat, an official from Sap Twar Village Police Station told Narinjara News.

“None of them can speak in Burmese so we don’t know where they came from and where they were going. We estimate that they came from Bangladesh,” said the official.

Local residents said the Township Police, the District Police, and the Immigration Department have taken the Bengalis to Gwa.

“There is no security. It won’t be easy at night. We knew about this because the public were attentive at 3PM. It’s very dangerous for the area,” Ko Ye Min Oo, a local resident of Sap Twar Village, said to Narinjara News.

When Narinjara News contacted Police officer Tin Win, commander of Gwa Township Police, he said it is difficult to say how they will proceed since they have not investigated the Bengalis yet.

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