Night curfew lifted in Thandwe township

( Narinjara News, 29 October 2014):


The prolonged night curfew, remained in place for more than a year in the Thandwe township of Arakan (Rakhine) State was withdrawn by the authority citing the reason of improved situation in the locality. Imposed in June 2013, following the deterioration of law & order situation, the authority continued the night curfew till 28 October 2014,  said local officials.

Thandwe township witnessed a series of incidents relating to sectarian violence last year in June, where  over 7 people got killed and nearly 100 residents rendered homeless as their residential buildings were destroyed by the individuals belonged to both Buddhist and Muslim communities.

The Thandwe authority engaged a loudspeaker man for announcing its decision to withdraw the curfew following the improvement of the situation after the intervention of Armed forces and local authorities.

Ko Nay Zaw, a resident of Thandwe said, “I am very happy to hear the announcement of withdrawing night curfew. We had a difficult time to come out during night time even on a medical emergency in those days. Now we will be able to move at night as well.”

Many travelers of the township had bed experiences of waiting in the outskirt of the town if their returns got delayed. As they were not allowed to get inside the town during nighttime, many travelers were compelled to sleep inside their vehicles parked in the village roads or even in jungles adjacent to the township.

One Muslim woman, who is apprehensive about the real situation in the town said, “I am little worried over our security even as the authority has claimed the situation was significantly improved. But I hope it would be so in the next few days.”

Otherwise, the residents of the township welcomed the decision for withdrawing the night curfew. Most of the Arakanese towns were under night curfew for more than a year until the local authorities started lifting the restriction. Of course, the night curfew remains in place for Buthidaung, Mangdaw and Kyauk Pru townships still today.

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