Night curfew imposed in Thandwe after communal clashes

( Thandwe, 1 July 2013): The incidence of clashes between the Buddhist and Muslim residents in some parts of Arakan province in western Burma continues.

thaandweThe recent one has been reported from Thandwe, a district town of southern Arakan, following which the authority on Sunday imposed night time curfew in the locality.

U Tun Pe, a resident from Thandwe, said that the authority had announced the imposition of night curfew in the town at 9 pm through the loudspeakers.

“The curfew time applicable from 7 pm to 4:30 am was announced by the authority through loudspeakers, carried by a car that moved from one road to another,” he added.

The confrontation took place between the two communities in the afternoon following a rumor that an Arakanese girl was raped by two Muslim individuals on June 29.

According to local sources, a young woman from Taungup complained in the police station that she was raped by two Muslim men including a taxi driver named Bay Lu Wa (alias) Nga Pruu.

The rape victim was waiting at a bus station of Thandwe to return back to her home town Taungup in the evening. Then the taxi driver Bay Lu Wa lured her for going to another place,  where she was allegedly raped by taxi driver accompanied by another Muslim man.

As the news spread among the people in the town the clash started between the Buddhist and Muslim residents, revealed U Tun Pe.

Two houses from Myo Thit quarter were also set to fire in the clash. Moreover some tea houses and groceries were also destroyed.

The deputy information minister U Ye Htut confirmed about the burning of two houses in Thandwe during the clash.

One accused has already been detained by the police, another source said.

It was followed by heavy deployment of security forces in the locality that helped to bring the situation under control. Later the authority imposed night curfew in the Thandwe areas.