New Delhi will support development activities in Arakan

San Maung Than/ Sittwe,

Narinjara/August 24

Photo- Reuters

Photo- Reuters

The Indian government will always support the development activities in the Burmese State of Arakan and the new India government in New Delhi has adopted many schemes in that direction, said Indian Consulate in Sittwe Rajesh Kumar.

Talking to Narinjara News, Mr Kumar informed that New Delhi had already sanctioned 1 million US Dollars for building 10 primary schools including two in Sittwe & Maungdaw townships through the central government of Myanmar in Nay PyiTaw.

The Indian government also helped with 20 million US dollars for constructing a road from Angu Maw to Maungdaw in the same line. Moreover, few soft loans were offered to the Burmese government for improving the electrical transmission from Pyay to Kyauk Pru.

The Indian Consulate also informed that he would request the New Delhi based Union government for few agriculture related projects in Arakan.

He also added that the Sittwe Deep International Port which is under construction would be finished by January 2017. Supported by the Indian government under Kalandan multi modal project, the port would be handed over to the Myanmar government very soon.

The Sittwe port project, to be managed by the Myanmar government, would be highly  beneficial for the Arakanese people as their private vessels could operate in  the port, added Mr Kumar. The project would enable the operators to transport various items from Sittwe to Kolkata through northeastern city of Guwahati.

Moreover, the sea route between Sittwe and Kolkata would also be fully operational. During the British rule, Sittwe had the communication with various Indian cities and the Arakanese enjoyed the advantage.

Many Arakanese students also went to study in Calcutta University and returned back as a resource person on his subject.