Nearly 100 Residents Summoned and Interrogated in Taungup

Taungup: Nearly 100 residents in Taungup in Arakan State were summoned and interrogated by the authorities reported for the mob killing of ten Muslims on 2 June.

The interrogations against the residents are said to have been conducted in the headquarters of the Military Operation Command No. 5 in Taungup.

“U Kyauktaung’s special road-toll group, also known as Maungtan Gate Group, were first summoned and interrogated on 16 June, and then we were called for interrogation on 17 June. [The authorities] asked us the situation of the incident. We had narrated for them whatever we could recall from the scene of the incident,” said one of the youth members of the National League for Democracy in Taungup.

He said it was a normal investigation and no torture or threats were used when they questioned residents about the incident.

“The people were not tortured or threatened during the interrogations like before. The township administrator was also present on the investigation team and the treated all the interviewees well. They just coaxed and interrogated the interviewees on whatever they wanted to know about the incident. We have also answered whatever we had witnessed at the incident,” he said.

Over 100 residents of the town have so far been interrogated concerning the incident and their individual statements were said to be recorded in handwriting and audio files. “They have just summoned and interrogated the people and recorded every individual statement. They have not arrested anyone yet, but we cannot say what will be their next action,” said the youth.

Another town resident who has been observing the authorities’ moves over the incident said the police have particularly searched for the people resembling those who recorded the incident with mobile phones and MP-4 players from the road sign at Taungup-Thandwe Road Junction and sent them to the investigation team for interrogation.

The 16-member investigation team led by the deputy minister of the home ministry, Brigadier General Kyaw Zan Myint, was formed on 6 June to look into the incident in Taungup.

It was learned that the investigation finished on 21 June and the team has been ordered to submit the report of the incident to the presidential office on the deadline of 30 June.