Nasaka gone, Burmese home ministry steps in


( Maungdaw, 16 July 2013) : The Burmese home ministry has taken over the responsibility to check the western Burma border as the Nasaka force was abolished by President Thein Sein on 12 July.

Mentionable is that the security of western Burma border was earlier controlled by the defense ministry with the Nasaka force.

The Nasaka force was a comprehensive agency with officials from the Army, police, custom and immigration to check the border with Bangladesh.

An official from Maungdaw told Narinjara that many outposts along the border, where Nasaka force was previously stationed, have been replaced by the police.

Two riot police regiments with 1200 personnel have already arrived in western Burma border to get deployed in the border outposts, the official said.

The residents on western border have welcomed the decision of the Burmese government to abolish the Nasaka force but many of the expressed worries at the security aspect on the western border areas.