Nasaka commander sentenced to 40 year imprisonment

Maungdaw: Colonel Aung Gyi, the commander of Burmese border security force Nasaka was recently sentenced to a 40 year imprisonment on corruption charges relating to the recent violent attacks in Maungdaw in Arakan State, according to a source close to his family.

Colonel Aung Gyi, the former commander of Nasaka force on western Burma border.

His wife is now said to be suffering from great anxiety about his lengthy imprisonment.

“His wife Daw Lat Lat Thein told me that he was sentenced to 40 years in jail. She is now extremely anxious about her husband’s imprisonment. She also said that her husband had not taken any money from the Muslims”, said the source on condition of anonymity quoting the commander’s wife.

The source also said that Daw Lat Lat Thein has now arrived in Rangoon.

Colonel Aung Gyi is said to be suspended and summoned to Naypyitaw after the team of higher authorities led by the Chairman of People’s Parliament, Thura U Shwe Mann, visited Maungdaw on 7th of July.

“He is said to be tried in Naypyitaw and sentenced to jail after severe interrogations by the military intelligence”, said the source.

Daw Lat Lat Thein is said to have told the source that her husband Col Aung Gyi is afraid of seeing blood and that was the reason why he did not order to shoot the Muslim violent attackers.

“She said her husband is afraid of seeing blood. So, he did not ordered the shooting of the Muslim rioters who committed violence before his eyes. He did not do so because he had taken money from the Muslim leaders”, added the source.

The survivors have alleged that Col Aung Gyi took a large sum of money as a bribe and abetted the Muslim religious leaders in the violent attacks on Arakanese and other non-Muslim people on 8th of June in Maungdaw.

According to the witnesses, the Muslim rioters applauded Col Aung Gyi by clapping their hands as he accompanied by his forces arrived to the spot where they started attacking Arakanese houses in downtown Maungdaw. And then they continued burning down the houses and shops owned by the Arakanese people and killing the Arakanese people before him. But he did not take any actions to stop them moving back to the nearby hospital and watched their attacks from the hospital’s compound.

The rioters were said to have continued their attacks on the villages that are situated near Nasaka stations and outposts one after another in Maungdaw Township. Over 500 houses were burnt down and tens of thousands of people have become homeless due to their attacks in the area.

News about the imprisonment of Col Aung Gyi is now also spreading among the people in Arakan State, but no official confirmation on the news is available yet.