Narinjara’s Website Gets Record-Breaking Number of Visitors

By Tun Tun

Dhaka: Many readers unusually flocked to Narinjara’s website,, on 4 June, breaking the record for number of visitors since the website was started in 2005.

The total page views measured by Motigo Webstats, a free counter and web analytics tools, reached 20, 163 hits on Narinjara’s website that day, breaking the former highest record of 13,485.

“According to our measurement tool, we received total page views of 13,485 on our website on 31st May 2012. That number of page views was the highest record in Narinjara’s web history, but it was broken yesterday ( 4th June 2012) with a total page view count of 20,163”, said Ko Maung, the webmaster of the Narinjara.

Khine Mrat Kyaw, the editor of the Narinjara, said his news agency’s website had received the record breaking visitors probably because of the news reports occurred at most  recently  in Arakan state.

He moreover said that the increasing readers on his news agency’s website is likely because of the news updated with photos in line with the time and the website was recently updated with a new design.

The webmaster Ko Maung, counting monthly visitors on the website, said, “The number of readers on our website has noticeably increased within the last four months, and we can say our website has the most readers among the ethnic news agencies that report their respective regional news in Burma.”

Narinjara was established in 2001 by Arakanese youth who fled their homeland after the democracy uprising in 1988. Its head office is now based in Bangladesh’s capital, Dhaka.

Narinjara releases daily update news in Burmese and English on its website. It also publishes a monthly journal, the Arakan Post, and news VCDs for supplying inside Arakan State. Narinjara is affiliated with the Radio Free Asia for broadcasting the weekly Arakanese program on the radio every Sunday morning.