Myanmar teak’s illegal transportation to Bangladesh

Narinjara News

Yangon, 23 March 2016


Myanmar teak and hardwood are being transported illegally to Bangladesh in large scale, claimed eye witnesses.

The pieces of wood are loaded in big boats and then sailed from various parts of Myanmar to south-east Bangladesh localities adjacent to the Bay of Bengal.

“Thousand tons of wood were recently transported from Burma as the country was adopting a news regime at NayPyiTaw after the national election. I could see not less than twelve boats loaded with wood logs in Teknaf port of Bangladesh,” claimed a Burmese working in the locality.

The transported teaks are primarily supplied from the Pagu mountain range and Irrawaddy delta. Initially carried by heavy trucks through Arakan mountain range to the seaport, the wood longs then find way to Bangladesh through machine boats.

“The transported hardwoods were mainly manufactured in Buthitaung township in Arakan state. Then those items are carried to Maungdaw and finally sailed through Saitun  and Naff river. The entire process demands bribes to the local authorities,” added the Burmese worker.

The price of teak is estimated as Bangladeshi taka 5000 per one cubic feet that implies a ton of teak may rise up to three million Burmese kyat. But often the Bangladeshi traders try to cheat the Burmese counterparts as the practice is not legal in both the neighboring countries.