Muslim Mob Attempts Attack on Arakanese after Prayer

Maung Aye

Sittwe: Some groups of Muslims reportedly attempted to enter the residential wards in Mingan on the outskirts of Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State, in the afternoon on Friday, just after the situation began to calm after a recent series of incidents of violent unrest in the region.

A resident from Mingan reported that groups of Muslims number around 200 or attempted to intrude and attack the residents in Mingan  after their prayers in an nearby mosque.

“The Bengali Muslims holding knifes and sticks marched toward our wards – Block 11 and 12 – in Mingan to attack after 1 pm. They came from a mosque nearby those blocks. They formed themselves into groups after taking their Friday prayers in the mosque and carried out the attempt on the residents living in those blocks,” said the resident.

Witnesses also reported there were three groups of Muslims – with nearly 100 in a group – that had attempted aggressive attacks on Blocks 10, 11, and 12 in Mingan.

“The attackers retreated from those blocks after the security forces arrived and fired several rounds of warning shots in to the air,” the resident said.

The Minister of Security and Border Affairs, Colonel Htin Lin, came to those blocks to investigate the incident just after the situation was brought under control.

Residents said some of the Muslims who allegedly tried to attack the wards were injured by rounds fired by security forces, but detailed information on such wounded is still unknown.

Police in at the Sittwe station also confirmed the attempted attack, but declined to provide further details. However, U Win Myint, press secretary for the Arakan State government confirmed the incident took place around 1:30 pm on Friday, but told Narinjara over the phone that there were no injuries.