Mines related materials seized in the mine exploded PannDawPyin Village of MaungDaw Township

Aung Kyaw Min (Maungdaw)

1 August 2017, Narinjara


Border Police seized mines related materials inside a mine-exploded house after the explosion of two mines at afternoon on Tuesday in PannDawPyin Muslims village in Maungdaw Township, Arakan, said a Border guard police officer.

When the border guard forces investigated, it is found that besides the verandah of house No. 98 owned by DeePaul (60 years), son of Sway Tamouk, at the Western Village in the PannDawPyin tract was burnt, about 3-foot floor was broken and the ceiling curtains were also burnt, said the police lieutenant colonel Win Min Soe from the PannDawPyin Border Post (4).

“ We found that about three foots of the verandah of house No. 98 owned by DeePaul (60 years), at the Western Village in the Tract of PannDawPyin Village was exploded, burnt and broken. The ceiling curtains about ten feet were also burnt. When investigation continued, mines and other related materials and tools were seized”, said that Police officer.


The seized materials inside the house are two Pistol bullets, about 408 grams of gunpowder plastic package, about 16 kilos of brown fertilizer that used to make landmines, two pieces of wire in the serine filled with gunpowder, a package of three detonators, about 10 feet of a thread of metal and two steel balls, said that Police officer.

In addition, it is said that other materials such as a metal lead for welding, a digital voltmeter, a thread of Fire Retardant Tape and a circular stone used for grinding gunpowder were also sized.

It is reported that after these handmade landmines were exploded at 13.45 p.m., when police forces were arrived at the scene, the villagers have already fled and evaded.

“Two police forces, a 10 members team led by the police lieutenant colonel Min Win Soe from PannDawPyin border post (4) and another 10 members team led by the police colonel Kyaw Thu Yay from the region (7) have cleared of the area because of the hearing of two mines-burst. All villagers have evaded. We have found only two women”, said the police.

The authority has confirmed that those two women are Sufira (27 years), daughter of Sultan and Rorfika (18 years), daughter of Ror-shee, from the Western Village of PannDawPyin but no one is wounded.

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