Matriculation exam shows declining pass-percentage in Arakan

Narinjara News

Sittwe, June 14


The students of Arakan performed poorly in the Myanmar matriculation examination, the result of which was declared on 11 June by the Burma Examination Board.

The western State of Myanmar recorded 21.19 per cent passing outcome in the tenth standard examination under the 2015-2016 academic year, which reflected a drop of 1.94 pass-percentage  compared to the last academic year in Arakan.

Altogether 34822 students of Arakan sat for the 2015-2016 matriculation examination which was held in March 2015. Among them, 7380 students passed the examination and  15 students in Arakan passed the examination with the distinction or gold marks.

According to the Arakan State education department, 24 students received marks of distinction in five subjects while 56 students could acquire the mark of distinction in four subjects.

A student in Burma has to study eight subjects namely English, History, Mathematics, Economics, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Biology to sit in the tenth standard high school leaving examination.

The mark carried by each question paper is 100 and if a student achieves 80 or above mark in six subjects, (s)he is accorded with a mark of distinction.

The meritorious students of Burma, who pass the matriculation examination with gold marks, are allowed to get the admission in professional university or colleges to study the technology or medicinal steams.

Although the number of students who passed the important examination with distinction marks was increased, the overall pass-percentage has been declined this year, added the education department officer.