Ma Ba Tha organizes religious festival in Arakan

Narinjara News

Yangon, 19 August 2016


Myanmar’s  nationalist Buddhist group Ma Ba Tha organizes a religious festival on Thursday  in Arakan. The important festival, held at Taungup in  southern part of the State on full moon day of Warkhaung in Burmese calendar, was attended by over 300 monks.

The entire Taungup locality people joined in the festival offering not only dry food items like rice, biscuits, fruits etc  but also soap, candle with others, said a senior monk.

As the monks marched in a procession on the streets of Taungup, the residents extended their offerings into their bowls with all respects. It was for the third time Ma Ba Tha organized  the ceremony in Taungup which is a stronghold of nationalist Buddhist group.


Many local organizations like Roma Thazin Youth Organization and Paik Tain Daun (Tumbling Kelly) Association supported Ma Ba Tha in organizing the religious festival.

The Arakanese traditional royal drum troupe also showed their gesture to the festival by beating the royal drums during the procession.