Low capacity vessels to increase trade between Burma and Bangladesh

Burma and Bangladesh have agreed to use small vessels between the two countries in order to boost bilateral trade, according to a report in the Bangladesh media.

The report said that the two neighbours reached an agreement in this regard at a recent meeting held in Rangoon where delegations from both countries attended.

However the agreement between the two neighbours is still under process, and it is expected to be signed next month when Burmese president Thein Sein is expected to arrive in Bangladesh for a three day visit to discuss bilateral issues including trade.

After the signing of the agreement, the vessels which have capacities of carrying below 6,000 tonnes of goods, would be used between the two countries. Burma and Bangladesh and will declare three ‘ports of call’ on their respective sides after signing the agreement.

For Burma’s side, Sittwe, Pathein and Rangoon are expected to be used as harbors while Kulana, Chittagon and Taknaf will be used on Bangladesh’s side.

The report said that Bangladesh can reach the markets of Thailand, China, Malaysia through Burma after starting the use of small vessels between the countries.