Huge quantities of handmade guns recovered in Arakan

handmade-gunsSittwe: A huge number of handmade guns were recovered by police in Arakan state’s rural areas recently, according to police sources.

The handmade guns around 75, without any possessors were founded in the jungle areas of two townships- Kyauk taw and Buthidaung- in the second week of this month.

On 14 March, a patrol police team recovered 28 handmade guns, which locals call Tumi, in a forest near Pri long mountain range located between Myauk Taung and Malar village in Kyauk Taw Township  where violence took place and killed many people.

On 12 March, a police patrol unit recovered 18 handmade guns from a bush near the  mountain pass located at Nyung Kron village under Let Way Dak village tract in Buthidaung township, northern Arakan.

The same day, a police team recovered other handmade guns, about 29 from a bush of jungle in Alar Taung Mountain, 5 miles west of Nga Saung Bek village in Kyauk Taw Township.

The handmade guns were believed to be used during the Arakan violence that took place in June and October in 2012 but no one knows up to now why the huge numbers of guns were abandoned in the places.

Local residents earlier, most from rural areas in Arakan state, deposited 726 handmade guns, 130 swords,  506 javelins, corssbow112, 611 arrows, 1408 arrow used slingshots and 398 slingshots to police stations after a request from the government, Arakan state police department said.