House burned down in arson-attack

Sittwe: A house of a local Arakanese was burned down in an arson attack yesterday in Sittwe, the Capital of Arakan State.

“The house is situated in the compound of the ex-servicemen and very close to the Alodawpyiy Monastery in Sittwe. It was burned down by the Bengalis from Bumay Ward. But no other houses were caught in the fire because it was raining”, said U Aung Mra Kyaw, a legislator of the State Parliament from Sittwe Township.

He said the attackers ran into Bumay Village after the security forces and a fire-engine arrived to there.

“The place is a bit secluded from other wards and the attackers took advantage of the darkness to attack the houses in that place. It was also around 11 pm when they torched the house. The house is very close to the dining room of the monastery, but the fire could not catch up to the monastery because of the rain. The authorities need to deploy more security forces because Bengalis are still committing such attacks especially where there is no security deployment”, he said.

He said Bengali Muslims have carried out attacks intentionally to provoke fights against the Arakanese people when the situation in Sittwe is starting to be stable, but the authorities are still hesitant to take action against them in fear of international pressures.

“So, peace and stability is still far away from the town”, he said.