Five Head Monks Invited from Sittwe to Rangoon

Sittwe: Five senior monks from Sittwe, the Capital in riot-torn Arakan State, were invited to Rangoon by the ministry of religious affairs on 2nd of November reportedly to consult with them for the restoration of peace and order in the region.

The invited head monks are the abbots of Pathein Monastery, Dakkhina Rama Monastery, Mani Ratanar Monastery, Nandar Rama Monastery and Dhamma Thukha Monastery in Sittwe.

“It is learnt that the reverend head monks are invited for discussions about the violent unrest in Arakan State and to request them to control the monks and people from further unrest in the region”, said Ven. U Nyarna, a Buddhist monk from Sittwe.

The monks are said to have taken off by flight from Sittwe in the morning and have held a meeting with the patron monks known as Mahana Sangha Council  in the evening on 2nd of November in Rangoon.

“It is also learnt that a meeting was held between the head monks from Sittwe and the patron monks from Kabar Aye in Rangoon in the evening and that the monks from Rangoon have requested them to admonish and control the monk, to them from becoming involved in communal conflicts in Arakan State”, said U Nyarna.

The monks are said to have been invited to Rangoon by the director of the directorate of religious affairs in Arakan State.

They would also meet the senior government officials to discuss steps to be taken to mediate the conflicts and bring about peace and order in Arakan State.