Fire break out on Sittwe University compound is carelessness

Sittwe: A fire that broke out on the Sittwe University Compound on the 30 March is not arson, it took place due to negligence, said a report of state run newspaper, Kyaymon published on 2 April 2013.

Members of security force are trying to eradicate the fire in Sittwe University compound ( Photo-RNG)

There was a rumor spreading among the people in Sittwe soon after the fire took place that the fire was arson by some Muslim miscreants near the University.

In the report of newspaper, the fire started from garbage gathered in the compound of Sittwe University.

The fire gutted many nursery plants about one acre wide in the university compound. No buildings were damaged in the fire.

The fire was started at 10:50 am and ended at 11:30 am on the day.

Two fire engines, one reserve fire engine and 23 firemen from Sittwe fire service department and 50 riot police and several army personnel participated to eradicate the fire, the report said.