Fierce battle takes place on Arakan-Bangladesh border

Maungdaw: Fierce fighting between the Burmese army and an unknown armed group has taken place in northern Maungdaw in Arakan State on the Bangladeshi border on Sunday night, according to local residents.

The residents said the fighting that broke out around 8:30 pm lasted for over two hours.

“The Burmese army is said to have encountered an armed group coming from the other side of the border in the Bandhula area between border pillars (52) and (53). The fighting started around 8:30 pm and lasted until 11 pm. We heard fire from heavy weapons as well. The group is widely suspected here as the Muslim rebels”, said a local resident from Aung Tha Pray Village situated near the place of fighting.

The villager said any further details or causalities of the fighting are still unknown.

He however said he had witnessed the soldiers from the frontier station based in Aung That Pray Village followed to the spot of fighting by three army vehicles just after the fighting.

One soldier of the Burmese army construction force GE was killed and three other soldiers were taken hostage by an armed group in their attack on 6th of November in the same area.

Since then the Burmese army has sent six infantry battalions to the border to search for its soldiers taken hostage by the armed group.

Over 500 households of Arakanese and tribal peoples are said to have been living in the villages that include Bandhula, Tatchaung, Aung Tha Pray and Tinnyo Villages situated around the present fighting area on the border.

The villagers said most of them are farmers and growers and are now unable to go to work worrying for their security and safety due to the armed clashes in their area.