Father and son wounded by gunshots in Pauktaw

Tun Tun

Pauk Taw: Both father and son were wounded on Thursday by shots of handmade firearms from a boat while they were resting on a river bank after returning from pilgrimage to Sandawshin Pagoda in Pauktaw in Arakan State.

U La Pyi Oo is being hospitalized in Sittwe

They are identified as 40 year-old U Lapyi  Oo and his son from Saw Mae Kyi Village on Sandawshin Island in Pauktaw Township.

A member of the Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) in Pauktaw told Narinjara that they were shot by some Muslims from an engine-boat.

“Those father and son were shot by some Muslims with their handmade guns after coming close to them in an engine-boat at 5:15 pm on Thursday. They were then taking rest on the riverbank at Ramyaingkyai Village near Saw Mae Kyi after they came back from pilgrimage to Sandawshin Pagoda. As the villagers heard the gunshots and rushed to the spot, the Bengalis drove away their boat”, said the RNDP’s member.

U La Pyi  Oo is said to be seriously wounded by several shots on his chest, pubic area and other parts of body and have been sent to Sittwe Hospital for his medical treatments while his son is now being hospitalized in Pauktaw.

The Burmese authorities have ordered the people in Arakan State to surrender all kinds of their homemade weapons such as firearms, machetes, spears, arrows and slingshots, etc to them on 3rd of November.

According to the RNDP member, the local authorities have been confiscating all kinds of homemade weapons from Arakanese people in their area since the order was imposed, but they have yet to seize the weapons from the Muslims.

He said some Muslims are still able to continue such provocative attacks on Arakanese with their firearms as a result of the authorities’ negligence to take action against them.

The authorities are neglecting to protect the Arakanese for the security of their lives and properties as well, he added.

The local residents are now worrying the communal violence will break out again if  some Muslim miscreants will continue such provocations against the Arakanese in Arakan State.