Eleven alleged terrorists arrested in Maungdaw

Aung Kyaw Min (Maungdaw)

Narinjara News, 1 April:


Eleven Bengali terrorist suspects have been arrested in Doe Tan Bengali Village under Administrative Area (5) of Maungdaw Township on 31 March.

After receiving reports on the entry of 20 terrorists in Doe Tan Village, a joint team of the Border Guard Police and the 353rd Light Infantry Battalion (LIB-353) of the Burma Army raided the village and detained 11 suspicious Bengalis, an official from the Border Guard Police said to Narinjara News on condition of anonymity.

“The joint team searched Doe Tan Bengali village at around 10 am on 31 March. After receiving secret information about the entry of at least 20 terrorists, the Burma Army’s LIB-353 and the Border Guard Police searched for them and detained 11 suspicious Bengalis,” said the police official.

The detained suspects have been identified as

1. Mamad Yawfeit (father) Mamad Yasheim (19) from Thein Taung Village

2. Mohammad Zawli (father) Mamad Yasheim (21) from Thein Taung Village

3. Mohammad Zawreit (father) Mamad Yasheim (17) from Thein Taung Village

4. Mawlami Hussein Ahmad (father) Sawdu Islam (26) from Thein Taung Village

5. Mohammad Ootla (father) Mohammad (47) from Thein Taung Village

6. Abdul Larmain (father) Abdul Sarlit (28) from Thein Taung Village

7. Saudan Husaung (father) Mamad Dulah (18) from Thein Taung Village

8. Bawli Amain (father) Sayyan Ali (16) from Thein Taung Village

9. Runarhmar (father) Abdul Rahman (33) from Thein Taung Village

10. Mamad Eidarit (father) Mohammad Harseim (20) from Doe Tan North Village (Pike Tal)

11. Zazaw Arlaung (father) Shawdi Ootla (22) from Doe Tan North Village (Pike Tal)

“These men have been hiding in a large Bengali village like this since the 9/10 terrorist attack. Only the leaders have fled to the other side. Their accomplice have gone into hiding. We received information about them but they went into hiding when we went to search for them. We received information about them walking around in the Bengali village with their guns but they have fled when we went there. We need to strive hard to systematically administer large Bengali villages,” he explained.

“We heard that Doe Tan Village was seized since 10 am but we didn’t hear any shootings. We heard that three or four men have been arrested. The Rakhine villages are always in a state of alarm. We are always worried about when we will be attacked,” said Ma Khin Mya from Ngar Khu Ya Village, which is one of the nearest village from Doe Tan Bengali Village.

The 11 suspects have been taken to Border Guard Police (1)’s Kyee Kan Pyin headquarters at 7 pm.


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