Drought makes life miserable for many Arakanese

Yangon, May 8
Severe droughts surfaced in wide areas under Myaybon township of Arakan State making the life of local villagers miserable. The same area was also affected by the Giri storm in October 2010 and the present drought only adds the misery of the poor villagers.

“There is no drinking water in our village. The people have to carry water from a distant place. Some villagers are even compelled to fetch water from dirty ponds, which were used for feeding domestic cows and buffalos. We are living in such a situation,”  said U Maung Kyaw Thein, a resident of Loudrade village, while talking to Narinjara News.

The Loudrade village gives shelter to 273 families. Most of the houses in the village were destroyed by the Giri storm. There are five important ponds in the villages but all are now dried up because of the present heat wave.

“We face the drought every year but this year it is the worst. Every family of the area today suffers because of the ongoing drought,” added MK Thein.

Besides Loudrade, another village named Ngwe Twindu also faces the problem of water scarcity. It also faced the Giri five years back. There are over 500 families in the village, but it has only two major ponds.

“We are getting the water from Ngataught Chay village, for which the villagers have to make a three hour long trip. Sometime, we cannot sleep while waiting for the water. Many times, we have to use a boat to carry water for our villagers,” said U Maung Tun Yin.

Few other families have to track to Sittra village for drinking water. The village women are now demanding more ponds in their localities.

The Lama Island near to Ngwe Twindu and Kanthar village also faces the drought. The villagers have to make almost four mile trip to get water. Some of them arrive in Watkunng village for drinking water. Thus they are losing the working hours every day, said U Khaing Aung, who hails from Kanthar village.

Kanthar village has over 300 families, but it has only there useful ponds, which are now almost dried up. Other villagers namely Pay Kauk, Dagon, Kaung Phyu, Ray Kaung Shin etc are also facing the water scarcity.

Khaing Aung also informed that the temperature contused to be soared this year and the rampant deforestation across the localities has added more problems to the situation.

Narinjara News contacted Myaybon township administrator’s office, but one officer on duty informed that they had no information about the drought. While Narinjara insisted on solving the problem immediately, the officer assured that they would deliver drinking water by boats very soon. He also expressed hope that they would find a permanent solution to the problem after discussing the matter with the affected villagers.

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