Demonstration held in Tokyo for presenting the true situation of unrest in Arakan State to UN

Arakanese together with other Burmese ethnic peoples held a demonstration on 13th of June in Japan’s Capital Tokyo with their aim to present the true situation of the recent violence that rocked western Burma’s Arakan State to the United Nations.

Over 40 different ethnic gorups from Burma participated in the demonstration in front of the United Nations University in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward in where the UN’s agencies are also based, holding the pictures taken from the violence in Arakan State.

The event was organized by the exiled branch of the Arakan League for Democracy in Japan and its General Secretary, Ko Kyaw Than Hlaing, said, “The Bengali Rohingya who triggered the violent attacks in our region are now telling lies to the world communities that the Arakanese accompanied by the personnel of the police and army attacked and bullied them. That’s why we have to hold this demonstration to tell the truth about the violence to the world communities and the UN.”

The demonstrators are said to have sent letter writing about the violence to the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon.

“We have written the letter on the evidence and record of the violent attacks in our Arakan State, so as to clarify who really have triggered those attacks. And we have sent the letter to the UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki-moon through the UN Representative in Japan”, said Kyaw Than Hlaing.

He said that the Arakanese in Japan are now planning to help the victims suffering from those violent attacks in their homeland.

“We, Arakanese in Japan, called an emergency meeting on 10th June 2012 and formed a relief committee and raised funds in order to help the victims suffering from those attacks in our homeland. On that day we received donations of Kyat 20 millions. We have already started to help the victims with those funds and hope that we will be able to raise more funds for them. Other pro-democracy organizations and other ethnic organizations based in Japan have also offered their respective donations to help them”,he said.

He added that not only Arakanese in exile but also all ethnic peoples of Burma have shown their sympathy for the Arakanese suffering from the attacks and they are ready to help with their difficulties.