Dams affected by storm, flood in Arakan need maintenance

Mann Yu Kyaw (Shwe Wa Myae)
Sittwe, 25 September:


Various dams in western Arakan, which were damaged by series of storm and tides in the recent past, needs to be repaired for safeguarding thousands acres of farmland.

According to the Arakanese farmers if the repairmen is done within a month the damage and destruction of crop and livestock will be far more that apprehended.

The Koman storm in the last week of July had destroyed a large number of dams, built for preventing salty water from the sea, located at Min Bya, Myae Pon, Pauk Taw and Ra Thae Taung townships of Arakan. If proper initiatives are not taken on time, the natural calamities would destroy huge areas of farmland.

“If only Kyee Kyan dam under Rathidaung Township is not reconstructed, we will have nothing to harvest in 1709 acres of farmland. So we recommend the concerned officials to take proper actions,” said U Saw Shwe Maung, a local farmer.

The farmers in large number have already urged the officials of town committees and the irrigation department, but allegedly the responsible officers put a deaf ear to those appeals.

Of course, an irrigation official informed that they are still discussing with the farmers to save the paddy fields. He also informed that their department has already appealed to the government for sanctioning Kyat 250 lakhs for repairmen of four-mile-long and six-foot-high dam.

Arakan is situated at the coastal region of Burma with abundant water resources. The paddy fields there need to be preserved from salty water from the sea. The dams play an important role here and hence the farmers are appealing the authority to maintain the dams properly and on time.