Citizen Card Holders in Name of Ethnic Kaman Exceed Genuine Population

Dhaka: One of the Kaman ethnic leaders estimated over two lakhs people have obtained the national ID cards under the ethnicity of Kaman while there are nearly 30,000 Kaman ethnic peoples living in Arakan State.

Kaman ethnic leader U Tin Ngwe said this while he was talking to a discussion programme of the BBC Burmese on 11th of November.

“The population of Kaman, I mean ‘pure’ will be about 30,000. But an estimation of over 2 lakhs peoples who are not actually Kaman are holding the national ID cards in the name of Kaman”, he said while answering questions asked by the BBC.

“We have learned that there are people coming from outside. They actually are not Kaman, but have been holding national ID cards under our ethnic identity with the help of the responsible immigration officials as we ethnic Kaman are issued the national ID cards according to the citizenship law here”, he added.

The local news sources said those people who have received the citizenship under the faked ethnic nationalities have to bribe large sums of money to officials of the Burmese immigration department.

They said some Muslims who are ineligible for national ID card have assumed the ethnicity of Kaman to receive cards as Kaman ethnic people are Muslims and one of the officially recognized ethnic nationalities in Burma.

U Htay Win, a Muslim lawmaker from the USDP from Maungdaw Township, who also participated in the BBC’s discussion, however replied to the BBC that he did not believe that there would be a number of over 2 lakhs who have come from outside and are holding the national identity card as stated by U Tin Ngwe.