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The Hindu family of Ms Saraswati

Almost 100 Hindus massacred in Arakan

Almost 100 Hindu people were massacred by Muslim terrorists in Maungdaw township of Arakan, alleged the Hindu families taking shelter at a temple in Sittwe, the capital city of the western Burmese province.

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Over 300 Arakanese evacuated from native villages

Over 300 Arakanese (Rakhine) villagers including children, women and elders, were evacuated from their stranded villages to Maungdaw recently.

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Hundreds of Mro people hiding in jungles

Over 200 Mro tribe people are still hiding in jungles near their respective villages under Maungdaw township after the extremist terrorists exploded improvised bombs and set many houses of their village on fire.

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Two including a monk sentenced to prison

The Mrauk U township court on Wednesday sentenced a prominent monk named Myata Saung Saradaw along his associate Khing Ni Min to two years in prison with hard labour.

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Extremists kill four persons in Maungdaw

At least four Rakhine people were killed by the terrorists at three mile village of Maungdaw locality on Wednesday noon. One person went missing after the incident, said the family members.

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INGO members left Maungdaw & Buthedaung

A number of staff & members of international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) start leaving Maungdaw and Buthedaung of Arakan since Monday.

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Five government officials cremated at Maungdaw

Five government officials, who were killed in the series of attacks by Extremist Terrorists, were created at Maungdaw of Arakan.

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Many Rakhine ethnic people left their villages after attacking by Terrorists.

5 Dienet people went missing after terror attacks

At least 5 Dienet ethnic people went missing after the dreaded 26 August terror attacks in Arakan, where as the authority rescued 16 people from the community with injuries, said a police officer from Aung Tha Pray village adjacent to the Bangladesh border.

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Rakhine villagers are hiding at jungle for the fear of terrorist attack

Pruma Rakhine village burnt down by terrorists

The Islamist terrorists burned down upper Pruma Rakhine village in northern Maungdaw on Monday morning. The incident took place at 9 am, informed Ketpa Kaung village administrator.

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Six Hindus massacred by Islamist militants in Arakan

Six persons belonged to two Hindu barber families were murdered by Islamist militants in Maungdaw on 26 August. The victims include four children, said a officer from the local police station.

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