Businessman arrested in Arakan suspecting drugs smuggling

( Narinjara News, 8 September 2014)

Yaba A businessman from Arakan was recently arrested by the police in connection  with the illegal possession of Yaba tablets and ammunition, according to Arakan state government report .

U Ye Tun Kyaw, the owner of Natural Force Company Limited was arrested on 1 September last.

The young businessman hails from the family of Dhapyu Thee Tha Kyaw, a prominent Arakanese politician of yesteryears. U Ye Tun Kyaw was picked up by the police from the residence of a friend of him at Taung Rat Ward of Mrauk U township in Arakan.

Mentionable is that the police seized 301,000 pieces of Yaba tablets, a block of opium weighing350 grams and some ammunition on 29 August in Yangon,  former capital of Burma.

The police suspects that U Ye Tun Kyaw was involved with the illegal trade.

According to a police source, the businessman initially avoided the arrest and fled to Arakan from his Rangoon house. A special police team later chased him to Mrauk U and found him in one of his friend’s residences.


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