‘Burmese Army planted landmines on border areas’

( Dhaka, 12 June 2013): Serious allegations have been raised against the Burmese Army as the planter of landmines along Burma-Bangladesh border ignoring the international norms. The Bangladesh authority, while raising the allegation, said that Burmese armed forces have planted landmines along the border pillars no 37, 38, 39 and 40 with variation of distances from 70 yards to 100 yards.

Bangladesh border guardThe international border areas between Burma and Bangladesh comprise hills covered with thick forests at several places and there is no fencing in many locations.

“The area is located in the northern parts of Maungdaw township of Burma, which is adjacent to Taungbro area of Bangladesh,” revealed a border expert while speaking to Narinjara.

A local media report quoting the Bangladesh home ministry said that Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) had already notified its counterpart in Burma about the violation but it is yet to get any reply from the concerned Burmese authority.

BGB director general Maj-Gen Aziz Ahmed told the media recently that the Burmese authority, as per the international rules, has no right to plant land mines within 150 yards from the international zero line along the border with Bangladesh.

He accused that the Burmese government, while violating the border agreement by planting land mines, also continues ignoring the concerns expressed by the Bangladesh counterpart.

Now the BGB has reported to the Bangladesh government about the violation and urged the government in Dhaka to resolve the issue with diplomatic efforts.

It is understood that the issue will be raised by the Bangladesh delegates during the foreign secretary level meeting between the two neighboring countries in Naypyidaw on June 14 next.