Burma’s former spy chief ordained as a Buddhist monk

The former military intelligence chief as well as the former prime minister of Burma, General Khin Nyaunt, has been ordained as a Buddhist monk in a Buddhist monastery in Rangoon on April 9.

“He will stay as a monk for nine days. It is a good deed for him to do this on the occasion of New Year in accordance with the Burmese traditions”, said Ven. U Kumara also known as U Belue from Alodawpyei Monastery in Tarmwe Township in Rangoon.

U Kumara said Khin Nyunt was ordained as a monk in his family’s monk ordination ceremony that was held at 8 am last Sunday in his monastery. His two sons, U Zaw Naing Oo and U Ray Naing Win, and his six grandchildren-4 boys and 2 girls- were ordained as monks, novices and nuns in the ceremony as well.

“Our abbot, Venerable Alodawpyei Saradaw, was also re-ordained in the ceremony and over 500 of his followers and supporters attended in the ceremony”, said the monk.

The former military officers who included the former home minister Colonel Tin Hline and the former minister of religious affairs General Myo Nyaunt were said to have attended the ceremony as well.

Rumors are surrounding the former general that he will live the monk life for at least 3 years, and will continue to for his remaining lifetime if he finds happiness in it.

U Kumara however said, “What people are talking about is just a rumor and it is quite impossible. He will stay as a monk only for 9 days taking meditations in the monastery, and then he will leave the monk life. He was ordained as a monk as he held the Shinpyu [the monk ordination] ceremony for his grandchildren according to Burmese Buddhist traditions.”

The monk said it is pleasurable for every Buddhist to have a noble life and to take the Vipassanā meditation on the occasion of Thingyan [New Year].

He said that the former general is named as U Khaeminda after ordination as a monk and he will stay for nine days as a monk taking meditations while his sons and grandchildren will do so for seven days.